3-Month Novel Writing Blitz

Start 2024 off right by committing to prepping, drafting, and editing that novel you've always wanted to write!

Our 3-Month Novel Writing Blitz will support you along the way with daily videos (weekly for the free level) each day for 3 months to help you with all aspects of writing, from preparation (get your thinking cap on and limber up your fingers!), to drafting (help with all aspects of writing, from worldbuilding to dialogue to plotting to characterization, and more), to editing (plus how to approach publishing).

It's like being part of a writing class with all the support but none of the assignments except whatever word count goals you set for yourself!

Give yourself the gift of time & space to write!

COMING SOON! MORE masterclasses

Our masterclasses will give you the best of both worlds: online learning at your own pace with some schedule built in to keep you on track, but with no final assessments!

You'll have access to a range of pre-recorded videos as well as a weekly live session with your instructor. You'll also have access to a special Facebook group where you can interact with your classmates.

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