Instead of applying for and enrolling in more school where you have reading lists a mile long and lectures about boring subjects, at Underhill Academy you can take writing courses that are specifically about the topics you want to learn!

Our pre-recorded courses let you work at your own pace on your own time and are much more affordable than traditional programmes. We also offer our short courses FREE!

Character Building Toolbox: The Nuts & Bolts of Character Creation

Join Trip Galey and Tiffani Angus on this extensive course to learn how to approach building characters from scratch. Topics covered include character motivation, wants & needs, hurts & haunts, physical description, character arcs, and more!

Transcending a Simple Theme: Move Beyond the "Moral of the Story"

Join Tiffani Angus as she helps you explore ways to make your story mean something without watering down the extra-terrestrials, magic, and other SFF elements. Includes a worksheet.

FREE short course:

Worldbuilding for Beginners

Join Trip Galey as he takes you on a tour through worldbuilding and answers your questions:

  • How do I get started?

  • What can I, or should I, change in my fictional world?

  • How much worldbuilding does my genre need?

  • How do I know if the world I've build is good?

  • How do I know when to stop worldbuilding?

Short course videos are in portrait mode for easy phone viewing.

FREE Short Course:

Book Publishing Breakdown

You've typed THE END but have no idea what to do next! This short course breaks down the three main types of publishing--traditional, small press, and self--so that you can take the next step to publication with a better idea of how to navigate the industry. We also delve into vanity and hybrid publishing so you know what expensive pitfalls to avoid!

Short course videos are in portrait mode for easy phone viewing.

FREE short course:

Banish writer's block

Every writer gets writer's block, but that doesn't mean you have to fear it or let it keep you from finishing your novels and stories! This short course will help you learn how to identify the problem, overcome it, and head it off at the pass when you feel it creeping up on you in the future.

Short course videos are in portrait mode for easier phone viewing.

Writing Like the Pulp Greats

This course will approach writing from a "pulp" angle, using steps and techniques the pulp greats used to write science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, and crime novels that readers couldn't get enough of.

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