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Meet the "Geeks Teaching Geeks"!

Tiffani Angus

Tiffani (PhD in Creative Writing, PGCE), a 2009 Clarion graduate, is an experienced lecturer in creative writing & publishing. She's the author of the multi-awards-finalist historical-fantasy novel Threading the Labyrinth and co-author of the writing guide Spec Fic for Newbies: A Beginner's Guide to Writing Subgenres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (Vol 2 coming 2024). Long-dead people aren't safe from her gaze when cooking up a new story.

  • 10+ years teaching in US and UK: 5 years Course Leader, MA Creative Writing; 3 years Co-Course Leader, MA Publishing

  • Taught modules focused on SFF writing including Writing Speculative Fiction (BA), Intro to Science Fiction (BA), Genre Short Story (MA), Writing the Apocalypse (MA), Time & Narrative (MA), and the Creative Writing module on a distance-learning SFF MA course

  • Supervised dozens of undergraduate and MA students writing SFF for their major projects and 10 Creative Writing PhD students writing SFF dissertations

  • 5 years Director and General Director of the Anglia Centre for Science Fiction & Fantasy (CSFF) and faculty lead of Electric Athenaeum, an online SFF magazine developed through the CSFF.

  • Editor of Theo and the Forbidden Language and The Queen and the Dagger, both by Melanie Ansley

  • Regular attendee of the Milford SF Writers' Workshop in Wales since 2011

  • Panel participant at various SFF conventions

  • 10+ years as a writer/editor/proofreader (freelance and in-house) for educational, corporate, and private clients

  • Experience running online & in-person writing workshops and giving writing-related talks

  • Author of short stories in a variety of subgenres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as erotica

  • For more on her publishing career, speaking and workshop experience, convention participation and other information, visit her website

Trip Galey

Trip is a writer, a doctor of the academic persuasion, and a researcher of all things pursuant to bargains, exchanges, and compacts of a faery nature. It is inadvisable to attempt to make a deal with him. He has been, in the past, a reluctant cowboy, an Ivy League collegian, and an itinerant marketing professional. Frequently writes as a ghost. Mostly harmless.


"Tiffani edited my first two published books, and delivered flawless editing each time – to the point where reviews commented on how polished and well edited the stories were. She is punctual, detailed, and respectful of voice – in short, a wonderful editor. I highly recommend Tiffani." – Melanie Ansley, author of Theo and the Forbidden Language and The Queen and the Dagger

“Tiffani is a phenomenal teacher. She has a deep understanding of SFF fiction, a masterful grasp on the art of writing, and an engaging method of teaching. I was lucky enough to study Creative Writing under her at Anglia Ruskin University for both my BA and MA, and found her insightful and wise. She provided guidance in many forms, such as technical and structural aspects of creative writing, themes and tropes of SFF fiction, narrative devices and choices, and the importance of drafting and editing.” – J. A. Poulton

“I was fortunate enough to attend classes in which Trip was a guest. His thoughtful and positive approach to writing made my prose more considerate and deliberate.” – Zackaria

“Tiffani taught me creative writing at university, and her guidance was invaluable. Not only is she deeply knowledgeable about the imaginative SFF umbrella, but she also knows the real world of the writer’s journey. My final submission piece would have been more tangled up than headphones found in a jacket pocket had Tiffani not worked with me to straighten it out to become the story that I wanted to tell.” – Josh A. Stevens

“Tiffani was the creative writing tutor on my MA, and I learned so much from her. She gave insightful (often painfully honest) critiques of my work whilst remaining positive and enthusiastic: the perfect mix of reality and motivation!” – Gwyneth Marshman

“Sitting before my manuscripts, there are no teacher's lessons that return to me more than Tiffani's. She possesses a thoroughness and passion for writing that ensures excellence in her students.” – Zackaria

“Tiffani's knowledge of the many aspects of fiction gave me a keen insight into the professional world of writing. Carefully composed lessons and structured feedback made for an engaging learning experience and it was a pleasure being her student.” – Zac

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